June 14, 2019

12 advice on how to reach success as an insurance agent

12 advice on how to reach success as an insurance agent

  1. Be organized.

Write down and schedule every appointment you have and all of the tasks you need to do. This will bring you great results because you’ll have everything organized and it will prevent you from forgetting the things you need to do.

  • Stablish goals.

Stablishing goals turns out to be something really helpful for viewing results and inspiring you to work on them.

  • Keep your enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is the energy that makes businesses move, it’s one of the main characteristics of busy people who happily work on their goals.

  • Ask, ask, ask!

When you’re an insurance salesman you can’t wait for business or customers come to you.  It’s very important to have initiative. “Asking” is they key to prosperity. Ask for interviews, ask for opinions or reviews of your products and services, ask for referrals and you’ll have a big list of potential clients, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Don’t let the No’s discourage you.

In businesses a “No” is not personal, in fact, most of the time they bring you closer to a “Yes”. It’s important to have a follow up of your rates and get better in the areas that you think persuade in the decision of your prospect customers.

You must remember that a “no” it’s not necessarily a definitive thing, it can also be a “give me time to think about it” or it could be a way to ask for more information about your brand.

What your client is buying is SAFETY, so you must reassure through your attitude that you want the best for him; present yourself as someone honest and he will surely be able to respect your brand and make business with you.

  • Manage your time.

It’s very important to have a planner and organize it so you can have your priorities as a salesman, they say the agenda is the map of the journey in which good business travel, because they end the frustration of day by day showing you what are the most important and necessary things.

  • Be positive.

An insurance agent must work on the development of constructive thoughts, selling insurance it’s a great responsibility in which you’ll need aptitudes and a great attitude.

When talking about how to be successful in business, they say 90% it’s attitude and 10% aptitude.

  • Know your product.

To make it to success, the insurance salesman or agent must know the product or service that he’s offering, trying it out first; you cannot pretend the knowledge of a product, clients know when there’s lack of knowledge and experience; and in result they won’t trust the product, even if it’s great quality.

  • Involve yourself.

Inform yourself, relate and be part or what’s happening in your labor field surroundings. This way you’ll be up to date and you’ll be able to understand what’s happening on the insurance field.

  1. Learn how to manage your money brightly.

In the insurance field as in everything else, learning how to manage the money is really important, that’s why we recommend having a savings account that works best for you, and at the same time to have a good payment control system.

  1.  Keep up to date.

Like we said before it´s really important to know everything that`s going on in the insurance world, as this type of information will have you up to date and active in your sales; using new services, systems and formats will mark the difference and you’ll be in advantage with the competition.

  1. Get an effective system.

 We recommend you get an effective and sophisticated system that makes it easier for you, a system that optimizes your time, keeps you organize, easy to use, but mostly that you can take wherever you go.

We hope this was helpful for you.

Thanks for reading us!

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