October 17, 2018


We are dedicated to developing a management software for insurance agencies that is reliable, secure, and affordable. Our goal is to make work easier and offer cutting edge technology.

1) Easy to import data:

Once you have your quote it is quick and easy to import data from your rater.

2) Texting / Email:

Keep in touch with your clients through text messaging and emails.

3) Integrated Internal Forms:

Internal forms are easy to find and use whenever you want.

4) Acord Forms:

Save time with quick and easy access to Acord Forms.

5) Web based:

Access the Sentry portal from any mobile device, anywhere you are. Its responsive design is fast and very easy to use.

6) Easy to navigate:

Sentry has a responsive design. It is fast and very simple to use. Sentry was designed to facilitate the work of the modern insurance agent.

7) Automatic Reminders:

Receive automatic reminders for policy renewals.

8) Calendar:

Stay organized with your calendar. Schedule your appointments and tasks.

9) Organization and security:

Sentry guarantees organization, security and an excellent data protection system.

10) Technical support:

Sentry is very easy to use, but our technical support team is always available if you have any unforeseen issues or doubts.

11) Basic Training:

Once you acquire Sentry for your company, our team will come to your offices and provide basic training for your staff. Our team will help improve the experience with the system, clarify any doubts or questions you may have and make sure you get the most of all the benefits that Sentry has to offer.

At Sentry we work daily to improve our service. We know that technology is a big part of the insurance industry and it is here to stay, which is why it is important for the insurance agent to stay ahead of the curve and Sentry is here to help.


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