October 18, 2018


Choosing an insurance management system is a very important decision. Depending on the quality of service and the tools that your management system provides, there will be significant changes in your business.

We know that your business is the most important thing for you. In today’s article we will talk about what you should know before saying yes to our Sentry policy management system and how it will help your business grow:

– Cloud storage is more secure than you may think

Sentry has a private cloud storage, with unique access to files from the application.

In addition, it creates differential daily backups and full weekly backups, with on-site retention for two weeks.

Although the cloud is a very safe place where you can host your information, our system will allow you to organize your policies identifying the movements by user and time.

– At Sentry we adapt to your needs

Obtain a system that adapts to the needs of your type of your insurance business and, that truly provides a solution for you. Sometimes focus more on saving and we choose something that does not meet our needs and that decision ends up being much more expensive. With Sentry, you will have a personalized platform adapted to the needs of your insurance agency.

– We work with you from wherever you are

Access Sentry from any mobile device wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection.

– We will be your best ally

Learn about the tools Sentry offers and how they can make a positive change in for your profession.

– If your business grows, Sentry also grows

At Sentry we work hard every day to improve our system and services, in order to stay a step ahead of insurance technology and drive your business to success.

– We count on an experienced technical support team

Sentry is very easy to use, in case you have any problems, we have a Technical Support service for clarifying doubts and solving any unexpected details.

– Explore and learn about all the tools Sentry has to offer

– Optimize your time:

  • Avoid unnecessary paperwork.
  • Quick Access to insurance companies.
  • Quick and easy access to Acord.

– Stay organized:

  • Count on an agenda that help you keep track of appointments through notifications, check your calendar and organize your customers.

– Send direct emails or SMS:

  • Sentry allows you to send direct emails or text messages to your customers to stay in touch and send notifications.


When obtaining Sentry, our team will come to your offices and provide basic training for your staff. We want to improve your experience with our system, clarify your doubts and make sure you get the best of all the benefits that the system can provide.

Dare to make the change to the latest insurance technology and REQUEST YOUR DEMO!


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