May 30, 2019

Marketing strategies to help promote your insurance agency in 2019

To count with a marketing strategy to advertise your agency is essential for generating new prospects and creating more solid and effective sales.  Take advantage of the best tools that internet can provide you to promote your business; the main objective is to generate a more solid presence in the web so we can start to build up trust with the audience, project professionalism and position your brand among the best.

Therefore, in this article we talk about 6 strategies to advertise your insurance agency in this 2019:

  1. Website optimization.

Counting with a website optimization will help you increase the rate of visits in your page, and at the same time it will show a more professional and reliable aspect.

Make sure your site has a design optimization for every mobile device, as your audience is in constant movement and it helps with Google’s positioning.

Don’t hesitate on seeking help with an expert on the design and programming of your website, it will surely be worth it and you would probably have more than one result.

  • SEO.

When talking about SEO, we refer at your page’s positioning online, which purpose is to position your website at the very top when users use certain keywords.

The search engine optimization will help you get better organic rankings and more visibility in different search engines.

As we know organic rankings from a business’s Facebook page is now history, therefore what you need to start doing is to pay for Facebook Ads as part of your marketing plan; this could bring a lot of advantages than you could ever imagine. Don’t forget that is the social network with more reach, with real-time insights and segmentation.

Facebook Ads will help you advertise:

-Your Facebook business page.

– Apps and online stores.

  • Redirect traffic to a website.
  • Announce whatever type of event.

Creating advertisements in Google Ads increases the possibilities of getting more clicks and impressions because as we all know; Google is the most widely used search engine in the world; most likely your ad will end up in different websites and programs linked to their network.

Why advertise your business in Google Ads?

  • Complements your SEO strategies.
  • You’ll achieve more conversions than in Facebook or Twitter.
  • Great segmentation tools at your reach.
  • Tracks your progress in real time.
  • Short term results.
  • Generates web traffic.

And much more…

  • Content Marketing.

Content marketing has one main purpose and it’s creating valuable content for your customers and potential customers. This marketing strategy focuses on creating and distributing content to attract and retain costumers without selling them something.

It is believed that content marketing is a great way to build up loyalty and show off your knowledge on current topics. When creating valuable content, you start to generate trust and credibility for your agency, it shows authority and dominance on relevant subjects in your area.

We recommend to create a blog and share valuable content for your current clients and potential ones. Articles, eBooks, videos, infographics, news, and more. Let your creativity show!

  • Email Marketing.

This strategy lets you retain and communicate better with your current clients, it consists on sending certain news, articles, discounts or valuable information for them through email.

This types of mail is personalized, don’t forget to write your client’s name and offer content he might be interested in.

Email Marketing Benefits:

– It’s a good way to take advantage of your database.

– It’s very cheap in comparison of other advertising medias.

–  It’s measurable and automatic.

– Projects professionalism and domain of an area

– Attracts new clients

– A new way to keep the communication between your clients going without selling something.

And much more…

We hope this was helpful for you.

Thanks for reading us, good luck with your online marketing strategies!

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