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Gain time and peace of mind with a safe and reliable system.

What is SENTRY?

Sentry is a management system developed to make it easier for the modern insurance agent to manage their policies. Sentry was founded in the city of Anaheim, CA. in 2017 and currently offers its services in the throughout the United States. Our system is the best ally for insurance agents with a vision of leadership and professionalism, focused on security and innovation.

4 Features That Make Sentry the Ideal CRM for Your Insurance Agency

Optimize Your Time

Direct links to insurance carriers and policy information exchange automation.

Stay Organized

Assign tasks, supervise agents’ activities, and increase your agency’s productivity.

Wherever You Are

Access all your clients’ information from wherever you are and from any device.

Click to call

Call your customers with just one click.

Manage and Optimize Working Time

With Sentry’s software you will be able to optimize to a great extent the work done by your insurance agents. You will have the possibility of structuring the work in an orderly manner and assigning it to each of your agents easily. Agents will be able to access Accord forms that are pre-filled, have direct contact with carriers from the platform, and can log in from any location and electronic device, so your insurance company’s efficiency and productivity will be increased through process automation. You will also be able to generate reports for client and payment management.

Optimal Communication with Your Customers

Sentry will help you increase your clients’ trust, improve your insurance agency’s reputation, and increase your customer acquisition by providing a platform to effectively manage communications with your clientele. You will also be able to keep in touch through e-mails, SMS or one-click calls. Schedule appointments with your customers and share calendars with other insurance agents, as well as create appointment and event reminders. Sentry also offers you a secure and reliable system to receive payments and manage your transactions without middlemen.

Social Responsibility

At Sentry, we know the importance of social responsibility and for this reason, we are part of social projects that promote education and growth in the community.

Join and Earn

You can be part of the Sentry family as an affiliate and earn money from your referrals. Contact us for more information.

The CRM Every Insurance Agent Needs

Improve your company’s performance using SENTRY.
With this software you will increase the quality of your services, optimize your time, and increase your chances of success.You will have all the necessary tools to enhance your skills, build customer loyalty, and increase customer acquisition by expanding your reputation as a reliable insurance agent.

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