4 facts you need to know about who’s behind the CRM you’re using

4 facts you need to know about who’s behind the CRM you’re using

Insurance agencies are on the hook for customer relationship management (CRM) software that optimizes work time and increases policy sales likelihood. However, choosing the right program is a complicated task, and there is one point, in particular, that is not often considered when deciding: Who are the people behind the CRM?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing the ideal CRM for your insurance agency. The first is the number of organizational, scheduling, and data storage tools and functions it offers while also determining whether it allows other programs such as VoIP telephony and social network management.

Also, it should be evaluated whether it is a platform that is easy for insurance agents to understand and whether the cost of use and maintenance are compatible with the budget.

Although all of the above points are important, few seek to meet the team that made that CRM possible. Chances are if you knew a few details about them and their methods of execution, your CRM choices would be completely different.

The 4 facts to know about the people behind the CRM you use

Yes, having information the people in charge of making and presenting the CRM to the public also have measurable aspects that can tell the insurance agency whether the software is reliable or not.

Specifically, there are four points to evaluate carefully to know if the CRM provider’s fundamentals match your agency. From Sentry, we detail step by step how to discard vendors, or not to let them escape, and some of the best options on the market.


Before analyzing the CRM provider’s internal structure is the first step to know if you are on the right track or not. Search for information about its history, its employees, locate their profiles on work platforms, names of owners or investors, and even their business values.

Having all these details at your disposal will help you determine if your way of doing business is compatible with this provider at the organizational and cultural values level, if the relationship has the potential to be long-lasting and, as a critical point, if it is a well-established business that has no risk of going out of business. Betting on a similar service to you in its internal management avoids conflicts of interest, differences in approaching solutions, and the relationship’s failure.


It’s no secret that favorable recommendations encourage potential clients to get to know and hire service. In this case, as the owner of an insurance agency, confirm that there are good references of the CRM provider on work platforms, Google searches, and even YouTube videos.

It is wise to study the experiences and references of other clients to avoid getting ripped off. Users nowadays do not remain silent when they detect failures or inefficiency on software developers, so it will not be difficult to determine whether or not it is a company worth doing business within the long term.

Visibility on digital platforms

Tell me what their social networks are like, and I will tell you what kind of company they are. Well into 2021, the care of social networks cannot be taken lightly by any company, and your task is to do a detailed review to know if they are worth it or not.

You can tell that they are working steadily and increasing their relevance when making regular updates, responding with consistent and friendly language to questions, and promoting their products and services relentlessly. The attention they give to users is adequate. If all these points are met, you can be sure that they will treat you as a customer in the same way.

Protection standards

The security of your insurance agency’s and your clients’ data is vital, so knowing what protection standards the CRM provider handles cannot be overlooked.

Consult with IT experts and make sure you know which servers host the software, who is the real owner of your information, how often backups are run, and the methods by which you can recover your database in case of problems with the system.

One of the best sales programs for insurance agencies, which meets all the demanding parameters of today’s market, is Sentry’s CRM. We have extensive experience in the market, guaranteed security, and updated recommendations from our clients and strategic allies. We offer technical support, an innovative interface, and solutions to any inconvenience with our multidisciplinary team’s help.

With the advice provided in a short time, you will decide to hire the CRM that best suits your insurance agency, and you will leave in the past the failures due to lack of information. Remember to seek your insurance agents’ opinions. With the help of a good marketing campaign, you will undoubtedly have better time optimization results, customer satisfaction, and closing more sales each month.

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