About Us

At Sentry, we are a multidisciplinary team ready to provide you with the supportyou need to transform your insurance agency.

Carlos Humphrey

CEO and Founder
Entrepreneur and expert in the development and launching of new products that serve the Latino community with an extensive background in telecommunications, money transfer and financial services.

Rodolfo Acosta

IT Director
Technology innovator driving digital technology systems, services and operations strategies that automate core processes and improve the user experience.

Alejandro Perez

VP of Sales and Co-Founder
Former insurance broker and insurance agency owner with a vision to innovate and transform customer relationship management in the insurance sector.

Our Pillars

At sentry, our values are the foundation of everything we create.


To offer a reliable, secure, and affordable insurance management system for our clients.


To be leaders in the national market of insurance agency management systems


Our company is result-oriented, that is why our main values are professionalism, transparency, honesty, quality, and excellent service.

Integrated Partners

We satisfy the needs of insurance agents.

The CRM Every Insurance Agent Needs

Improve your company’s performance using SENTRY.

With this software you will increase the quality of your services, optimize your time, and increase your chances of success.

You will have all the necessary tools to enhance your skills, build customer loyalty, and increase customer acquisition by expanding your reputation as a reliable insurance agent.

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