Commercial‌ ‌strategies‌ ‌for‌ ‌insurance‌ ‌agencies‌

Commercial‌ ‌strategies‌ ‌for‌ ‌insurance‌ ‌agencies‌

The insurance agency market is vast, and competition is growing daily, so using the right commercial strategies is the key to survive and attract more customers. Today more than ever, it is clear that losing policyholders is not an option, and there are situations in which you can lose them.

It must be taken into account that potential buyers of insurance policies have specific and well-defined needs, so attracting their attention to the benefits offered by your agency is a task that requires planning and good knowledge of the market.

If you feel that you are not reaching the right audience, the numbers are not going as planned, and you are having difficulty positioning yourself in the local market, it is time to take a breath and analyze what you are doing wrong.

At Sentry, we reveal the best commercial strategies you can use to identify your marketing plan’s mistakes and the methods you should use to increase customer traffic and, consequently, policy sales.

The most effective commercial strategies

First of all, a sales plan and market analysis must be carried out according to the parameters and studies that are appropriate to the case, and this kind of work must be in the hands of a digital marketing professional.

One of the reasons why insurance agents lose customers is that they are not adequately advised on how to carry out information campaigns, what kind of resources to use, and what are the hooks for the insurer’s target customer.

Below, we reveal some of the commercial strategies that do not fail to improve sales and that, preferably, marketing experts should guide to achieve the desired results.

Work in a specific market

Considering that insurance agencies of all types abound in the national and international market, you must look for an unexplored niche that will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

You must define very well the type of clients you wish to attract and design the offer in such a way that this kind of people get directly into your hands and become a direct reference of their needs above the rest.

It is clear that this is not an easy task; however, you will find a gold mine by studying closely what kind of insurance they are looking for and the characteristics of this customer niche.

Have trained staff

Insurance agents are the company’s face, and it depends on the pitch they present whether the customer stays or runs. What’s the way to have workers who instantly catch policyholders? The answer is: train them to see the agency’s products through the eyes of people who might be interested.

It seems like a trite argument within commercial strategies; however, by turning insurance agents into empathetic salespeople who can see each customer’s opportunity and the real benefits it can bring them, the person will almost certainly feel confident enough to sign the contract.

Take customer feedback seriously

Although it is proven that the customer isn’t always right, in many cases, their comments and recommendations should be taken into account to identify flaws and correct them to maintain and attract more policyholders.

Take advantage of recurring comments from policyholders and seek to create positive feedback.

Employees should know how to respond to possible complaints or non-conformities and, most importantly, learn how to resolve conflicts without losing the client.

The key to planning this strategy is to turn weak points in service into an opportunity to improve customer relations and position the company in the market as an insurance agency that accepts all public comments for the better.

CRM for insurance agencies

Once you select the commercial strategies for your insurance agency that might work with the type of customers you want to attract, it’s time to acquire CRM for insurance agencies.

This is one of the best ways to implement and carry out commercial strategies while improving managing all interactions with current and potential customers.

CRMs for insurance have all the functions that insurance agents require to follow up with clients, send information, send emails, and various tools that optimize insurance salespeople’s work in all aspects.

There are several offers on the market; however, one of the most complete and accessible CRMs currently available is the Sentry CRM. With an innovative technology for internal and external communication, one-click calls, form tools, access to email and social networks, and prices that adapt to all levels’ insurance agencies.

Take advantage of the arrival of the year 2021 to boost your sales like never before and apply, with the help of a professional, the commercial strategies that best suit your needs. Remember that the best way to attract and keep happy customers is to offer quality services and competitive prices in the market.

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