Common mistakes when choosing a CRM

Common mistakes when choosing a CRM

Insurance agencies are tasked with improving their outreach and service capabilities in the context of the global healthcare crisis, so it is essential to employ efficient customer care management programs. However, no company is exempt from making common mistakes when choosing a CRM.

CRMs offer to optimize the agency’s policyholder service processes and boost digital marketing campaigns. An application with proven results in the market, with functions that are completely useful for the insurance agent’s work and prices appropriate for the business budget, is hard to come by.

In many cases, CRMs that promise all these features, for very low prices, in practice fail to meet the real needs of insurance agents. In addition to this, they involve large expenses for adaptation or the purchase of other programs to complement the CRM’s deficiencies quickly.

To avoid falling into the market traps and get a customer service system that suits your requirements as a seller of insurance of any kind, you just have to be clear about the common mistakes when choosing a CRM. Once you have identified them, you can avoid them successfully.

Common mistakes when choosing a CRM

It should be clear that CRM is a tool that allows you to manage within the interface the contacts of the insured, the personal information of each one, and the details of the policies. On the other side, it has functions that allow automated e-mails to be sent to clients on the indicated dates and service updates.

In many cases, they allow chats with video calls included to address the doubts of policyholders at any time. It has features for social networks that help formulate a useful and necessary digital marketing campaign. With all this clear, there are several common mistakes to avoid when choosing a CRM.

Ignorance of usefulness

As an insurance agent, you must have heard about all the benefits and advantages of the insurance CRM from colleagues or competition members. Based on these comments, you decided to get the application; however, you are not clear about the functions and utilities that the system has: grave mistake.

CRM enhances various aspects of the agency, but only when there are an organizational strategy, defined objectives, and marketing plans. The application will only be a tool that will be used to execute the company’s business plans.

According to the plan drawn up, a suitable CRM should be hired. Not all of them work in the same way when increasing sales, collecting customer data, or marketing campaigns.

It is vital to have defined the company’s needs before starting the search for an ideal CRM that meets the premise of managing customer service. Consulting with professionals in the field about the best options on the market in each branch is recommended to make the investment in the application worthwhile.

Choosing a CRM that is difficult to use

Getting the most sophisticated customer management application, but one that requires a very complicated learning process for the agency’s insurance agents is a frequent mistake when choosing a CRM. There is no point in having a platform that is full of resources but that employees can’t figure out, feel uncomfortable with, and in many cases prefer not to manipulate.

In this case, less is more, and the agency’s employees’ peace of mind should be a priority when choosing among the CRM options available on the market. One that offers the essential functions to meet business objectives and intuitive is what you should look for above all.

Neglect of maintenance

Powerful programs and applications such as CRM need maintenance periodically. As a system with a variety of functions, various technical issues can arise, and the service provider must give a dedicated technical support professional to solve the problem remotely or in person.

Overlooking this aspect when procuring a CRM is a costly mistake. In many cases, external technicians usually don’t have the necessary knowledge and resources to solve the incident. Thus, it is essential to check that the supplier has technical support and maintenance plans and is willing to take a detailed look at the system before finalizing the purchase and installation. 

Go for the sure way with Sentry

Once you know the common mistakes when choosing a CRM, one of the first options on the market that you should consider is Sentry CRM for insurance agencies. We have proven support, a platform that is easy to understand and provides features to optimize sales, data storage, and communication with policyholders and business analytics control.

With professionals dedicated to providing installation and maintenance solutions, Sentry CRM has all the benefits and innovations that an insurance agent needs to enhance their work in less time. The payment packages are affordable for small and large agencies, so no matter if you are just starting and are well-positioned in the market, you will have the results you want in a short time.

With one of the best alternatives at your disposal and the knowledge about the frequent mistakes when choosing a CRM, it is time for you to start the process of planning and organizing sales and marketing campaigns.

Take advantage of all the benefits CRMs provide, and you will notice how in less time than you expect, you will have more satisfied customers willing to recommend your insurance service and the attention of thousands of interested parties on social networks and directly on your website. Give a twist to the way you sell, and you will be in the first place of preference of your locality.

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