CRM and marketing: an essential duo for insurance campaigns

CRM and marketing: an essential duo for insurance campaigns

Many resources can be used to design insurance campaigns; however, two elements combined become the key to this kind of business’s success: CRM and insurance marketing.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application works as a time optimizer to store customer databases and essential agency information. All in an interface that is easy to use and allows for calls supported by VoIP telephony, e-mailing, and in many cases, internal networking.

One of the most cost-effective and innovative CRM alternatives in the market, which works perfectly with insurance campaigns, is offered at Sentry. We currently have international recognition for guaranteeing the optimization of insurance agents’ time, task organization functions, the possibility of remote access, one-click calls, and various features that make the insurance agent’s work much more effective.

Based on the tools provided by CRM, you will be able to design effective insurance marketing campaigns. They will help you meet your agency’s short-, medium- and long-term business objectives and help you position yourself among the local competition on several fronts.

At Sentry, we know the importance of insurance campaigns supported by CRM, so we offer you some of the main advantages of hiring the service and fundamental marketing tricks that will boost your brand.

Advantages of CRM for insurance campaigns

One of the main differences between a digital insurance agent and a traditional one is novel resources such as CRMs. The application has many advantages that increase the chances of closing with clients thanks to its organizational attributes.

As an insurance agent, you must look to modernize your system, and these are some of the benefits you will get if you decide to leap managing your business from the digital realm.

  • Improve customer service: The premise of CRM for insurance agencies is to improve the company’s relationship and its customers; with direct phone calls, reminders, messaging, and e-mails, increases contact and enhances the insured’s trust in the agency. The insurance salesperson can also handle numerous customer cases simultaneously without losing time while meeting business and insurance campaign objectives.
  • Data storage: CRMs are characterized by their incredible capacity to store customer and company data. This information is not only recorded; the application can provide analysis, reminders of calls, important dates, and present on screen the data of interest in each call to offer much more personalized attention. This centralization of information allows each insured to have their records organized and easily accessible so that all processes with each one are executed without setbacks.
  • Customer studies: The data on screen not only allows you to have control of the data and the organization, but it also offers the alternative to make studies, comparisons, assign tasks and generate conclusions of customer management.
  • Insurance campaigns: CRM features allow digital marketing strategies to be designed for e-mail and social networks. Marketers can evaluate the company’s objectives and, based on the target audience, leverage the customer manager to reach more people and maintain the loyalty of those already engaged.

Marketing tricks for insurance agencies

With the help of CRM, you can run a series of insurance campaigns that can increase potential policyholders and keep current customers happy.

  • E-mail marketing: One of the primary insurance marketing tricks, leveraging CRM, is e-mail marketing. Sending promotions, updates, reminders, and congratulations on important dates is the key to attracting and keeping policyholders. And you can also attract new users by leaving the possibility of registering for the correspondence service on your website and social networks.
  • Optimized website: Insurance agencies seeking to stand out from the competition must invest resources in enhancing their websites and landing pages, as they are the organization’s face, and the first impression that the customer gets of the services you offer will be the key to gaining new policyholders.
  • Social networks boosted: Being in the place where customers are looking for is the key to having more policyholders, and social platforms are fundamental. People looking for alternatives resort to Facebook and Instagram accounts and seek to know their main advantages and offer in the posts. Given this, you should always have an effective social media campaign that includes the business concept, key data insight, and customer service guarantee through this medium.
  • Web positioning: Being in the first positions of the Google or Bling search engine guarantees that those interested in contracting insurance will click on your proposal first. Guaranteeing this click is only possible by applying SEO strategies for your website and a hard work of keyword optimization in your content and website.

With the tricks of insurance campaigns in your hands and the knowledge of the advantages of acquiring a CRM of quality for your company, it is time to give the necessary impulse to your company.

Remember to put the analysis and application of sales strategies in the hands of professionals so that the results are as expected and reach the customers you hope to attract directly. Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal and start attracting potential policyholders like never before.

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