CRM: The perfect tool for your insurance agency

Insurance agencies are increasingly interested in incorporating technological elements that allow them to carry out proper administration. That is why many companies have opted for a CRM, but not just any CRM, but one that is exclusively developed for the insurance sector. 

Since we want all agencies to manage their business correctly and efficiently, in this article, we will mention what a CRM is and how it contributes to your agency’s growth.

Do you know what a CRM is?

Software that is oriented to managing customer service and increasing retention and sales for your insurance agency in a fast, practical, and simple way. This system has allowed more and more agencies to incorporate this type of software into their business, mainly because of all the benefits.

Database optimization and organization

The traditional way of working of the agents is that, once the information about the prospect or client was obtained, the agent in charge had to manually enter the data of the person, i.e., e-mail, telephone, full name, among many other things.

This forced them to concentrate a lot of their time on this task, so the rest of the work was postponed. Now, CRM allows agents to upload information to the agency’s database automatically.

In this way, employees can devote themselves to other tasks and improve the administration of the same information. In addition, all the data that has been uploaded to the CRM is protected.


The other great advantage that your insurance agency can obtain with a CRM is that agents will save a significant amount of time executing different tasks that previously had to be done manually because they did not have a CRM system.

By using this type of software, agents will be able to save time and will be able to obtain automation in different processes thanks to the speed and efficiency of this type of system.

It allows the creation of a functional and secure database

The database is a critical component of any insurance agency, which is why, if it is managed or created incorrectly, it can result in the disappearance of vital company data, in addition to the fact that the loss of agency or client data can mean a setback in any strategy.

 And although it may sound complex to create a functional and secure database, using a-CRM will be extremely simple. As soon as the system has detected a person’s interest, it will immediately ask for their information; this data will be used to develop a contact base that can be increased steadily and with accurate results.

While it is true that there are many benefits and advantages that agencies can acquire with the use of a CRM, the ones mentioned above are the most outstanding.

Therefore, we recommend that all insurance agencies apply this software to increase their growth, competitiveness, and productivity in the insurance industry.

Sentry is our CRM that has stood out due to the facilities it provides to insurance agents and agencies. That’s why we want you to know more about this fantastic tool.

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