Differences between a digital insurance agent and a traditional one

Differences between a digital insurance agent and a traditional one

Being an insurance agent today is no easy task. The amount of competition and constant updates in the market drive agents to frequently update and reinvent themselves. However, many have preferred to stay with the traditional, since it is much simpler, and they feel safe with the techniques they have always implemented.

There is also a replacement generation and many others who have years working as traditional insurance agents, who have opted for updating and innovation, knowing that opportunities can multiply by using the right sales strategies in the digital era.

These insurance agency workers’ role is clear: to advise clients, whether individuals, families, or companies, to sign up for life, auto, property, disability, or whatever their request is.

However, there are marked differences between what a digital and a traditional insurance agent can do. They have different skills and processes and that, amid innovations and technological advances, generate different results in potential customers.

It should be noted that in the rise of the speed of processes and the need for people to get products and services with the minimum of mobility from their comfort zones, the insurance agent who dominates digital platforms has a clear advantage.

Here are some of the differences:

Traditional insurance agent

Traditional is preferred by many as they consider it safe. Old school insurance agents still thrive in the sales market worldwide.

It is noted that they invest a great deal of time and effort daily so that the agency’s objectives and personal goals as agents are met.

Among their primary functions is client acquisition with manual processes, filing documents, plans, and administrative forms on their personal computers, and storing client data in physical filing cabinets.

Also, they make personal visits to potential clients and show all the information directly to them. They also call personally to those enrolled in insurance plans to inform them about changes in policies, improvements in offers, expirations, and revocation possibilities.

Their work is performed in person, analyzing products, writing reports, and even generating quotations while going out to look for clients to offer insurance.

Always within the framework of providing all the information accurately and smoothly. Traditional insurance agents still face their clients and look for the growth of the agency.

Digital insurance agent

The world is racing forward with technologies that simplify and automate insurance salespeople’s work. In this context, digital insurance agents rely on modern organizational platforms that optimize time and make customer acquisition much more effective.

These agents leverage insurance software to automatically generate e-mail or text message notifications and store information of interest to potential and existing customers. On the same platforms, they analyze and monitor sales progress and offer quick solutions to problems.

Digital agents have innovative organizational tools that make their work systematic, organized, and useful. They have the resource of video calls to clarify the doubts of potential clients. By this same medium, they can perform the professional closing of sales regardless of the country’s place or even anywhere in the world where they are.

The insurance software generates complete daily reports, which reduces the possibility of miscalculations or misinformation about customers. In other words, they save time since tasks that, in the past were done by hand and with daily follow-up, are now executed with a single click and reach a massive number of people.

In addition to its remarkable speed, being able to store your entire database in the cloud securely makes your customers feel safe and secure. They can also access all data from their computers, smartphones, and even tablets. There are no limits for insurance agents who rely on digital resources.

Sentry’s management system

Sentry is one of the best insurance policy management systems with apparent differences and functions between traditional and digital insurance agents. The software facilitates and optimizes the work of this area of sales.

We currently offer an innovative platform that manages insurance policies that provide, in addition to total control and convenience, a series of tools to ensure the proper management and analysis of the insurance plans offered to customers.

Sentry’s policy management system has several features that make it’s offering one of the most competitive in the market:

  • It has a user-friendly interface that can be accessed no matter where the insurance agent is located.
  • It manages a work structure that organizes the agenda and assigns tasks in an automated way.
  • Time saving is one of the main features as it has direct links to the required web portals and the insurance agent’s contacts.
  • It allows access to direct buttons for calls, e-mails, and text messages, as well as access to Acord forms.

Another great feature of the interface is that it is customizable. It has the necessary tools to manage your company’s type of insurance policy, from health insurance to car and real estate insurance.

The market offers a wide variety of platforms to manage insurance, so the options are adapted to each agency’s pocket.

It is clear that in the digital age and immediacy, digital insurance agents have the need to resort to all possible tools to optimize their work. Given this, Sentry’s systematization alternatives will boost your need to get more clients and maintain personalized attention to current buyers.

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