Elevator Pitch for insurance agents

Elevator Pitch for insurance agents

It is no secret that the process of acquiring an insurance policy is not very entertaining, and the prospect of making monthly payments for it discourages even the neediest. To engage customers more efficiently, we present a well-known marketing strategy popularly known as Elevator Pitch for insurance agents.

In the midst of it all, getting adequate insurance is essential to give families and companies peace of mind. Therefore, the sellers of these services have to use innovative and persuasive resources to capture potential clients’ attention and potential investors in the best of cases.

Attention-grabbing speech is an essential tool for salespeople in every moment of their lives. An exciting introduction about their insurance market roles can make a clear difference between boring and doing juicy business.

All about the Elevator Pitch for Insurance Agents

The pitch, known by its English name: Elevator Pitch, is a short speech that introduces a business or profession in seconds and seeks to arouse intrigue in a potential client or investor.

The term is used as a reference to the 30 or 40 seconds that you can be in an elevator with a person and that you should take advantage of if you intend to create a connection with them or with the group that accompanies you.

It is also known as a short “commercial” that seeks to promote third parties’ interest and get them to want more information about the product or service.

Steps to Create a Successful Elevator Pitch

Insurance agents have the disadvantage of having an occupation that is considered “boring” by most people. Therefore, creating an eye-catching and interesting Elevator Pitch is a task that should be taken seriously.

In turn, catching investors requires a great attitude and crafting the pitch in such a way that they want to spend a little more of their tight time to confirm whether the proposal you’re making suits them and is as good as it sounds. Sowing doubt and delivering an answer that exceeds their expectations is the key to a successful elevator pitch.

Creating the perfect Elevator Pitch will be a task of trial, error, and patience. You’ll need to put the strategy into practice and progressively get the hook you’re looking for. At Sentry, we teach you the necessary steps to formulate your elevator pitch.

Catchy phrasing

You should never say you’re an “insurance salesperson” when the question “What do you do?” comes up. Think of a short but intriguing title that captures interest. Your pass to the next level of the conversation will come with phrases like “I have an unusual sales business” or “I work in a niche market of great importance.”

Who you work with

You should mention the type of people, or companies, with whom you want to work or with whom you already have alliances. This way, you make it clear to the listener the client profile you are looking for, and they will be able to identify with you.

Problems solved

Mentioning the type of situations that you can solve has an important value in the speech. Then explain the kind of help and response you give to those kinds of conflicts.

You are an insurance agent

Once you have identified your values, it is time to reveal that you are an insurance agent with many clients who rely on your policies and solutions.

Formulation and practice

Take all of the above steps and create the speech. Try several alternative words and hooks in each part and spend time perfecting it.

Every chance you get, use your speech and get people’s reactions to each part of your introduction. By observing your interlocutors’ behavior, you will be able to identify the phrases that have an impact and those that, on the contrary, destroy possible interest.

Avoid fallacies

When creating your Elevator Pitch, keep in mind that you should always introduce real data even if you are looking for catchy terms. Never hide the fact that you are an insurance agent or seek to attribute to yourself functions that in practice do not correspond to you.

Trying to trap investors or potential clients with fallacies is a lousy strategy. You could also create a bad reputation, ruin the insurance agency’s image for which you work, and affect your achievements as an insurance salesperson.

Demonstrate your professionalism with Sentry CRM

The ultimate goal of the Elevator Pitch is to convince the client of the insurance policy you offer. One way to reassure them of their decision when they hire you is to get Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for insurance agencies.

CRMs ensure optimal policy management, and one of the newest on the market is the management system developed by Sentry. It has plans tailored to the needs of small, medium, and large corporations.

With the platform, policies are seamlessly controlled, information is automatically sent to customers, and direct and constant communication can be maintained.

You will have guaranteed success by detailing to the client the efficiency of the information management systems and the updated ways in which you manage the policies.

With all the tools at your disposal, all you have to do is take action and develop your Elevator Pitch for insurance agents. Dedicate time and effort to develop each of its aspects, and in a short time, you will notice how clients will begin to fill your agenda. Remember to rely on the technological resources of the moment and give your insurance agency the necessary boost.

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