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Frequently Asked Questions

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When you try all the tools Sentry has you will want to sign up for the service. Otherwise, after the 14-day trial your user will be deactivated.

  • Receive digital payments through Sentry Pay, with NO payment processing fees.
  • Communicate with your clients with one click from our software.
  • Access direct links to insurance carriers.
  • Organize your tasks and set reminders for your appointments.
  • Run daily detailed reports of your transactions and operations.
  • Integrate your IVANS account for safe information exchange.
  • Send information to all your clients from Sentry without using other communication tools.

It can be used in English or Spanish.

The monthly pricing may vary according to your agency’s needs. Contact us for a quote.

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They are monthly and are processed on the 25th of each month. Payments are automated and can be processed with your credit card or by ACH.

  • We will give you a comprehensive training of all the functions that our software has.
  • We have video tutorials in our YouTube channel.
  • Our technical support team will be available to answer all your questions.

The migration time is different in each case and can only be estimated after evaluating the format and file size in which your previous provider delivers it.

The service may be cancelled at any time for accounts that are month-to-month. For accounts with annual contracts the contract may be cancelled, however an early cancellation fee exists.

How to use Sentry

Super intuitive and easy to use CRM
How to create a receipt with a balance due broken down:
You can create a receipt send it to your client by text message through Sentry:

Edit your customer’s receipt like this

Void your customer’s receipt like this

You can search for your customer from the quick search bar or advanced search by entering their name, last payment date, phone number, email, or any customer information you have available in the system. Learn more here:

You can send text messages directly from our platform. We will explain more in the following video.

Within your client’s profile you can manage the different policies your client has with your insurance agency.

From this section you can run reports, create payment profiles, make transactions, and schedule payments.

Send alerts to your agents so that you can keep track of the tasks to be performed.

Export files from FSC and import them into Sentry.

The CRM Every Insurance Agent Needs

Improve your company’s performance using SENTRY.

With this software you will increase the quality of your services, optimize your time, and increase your chances of success.

You will have all the necessary tools to enhance your skills, build customer loyalty, and increase customer acquisition by expanding your reputation as a reliable insurance agent.

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