How to choose the right insurance software for your agency?

How to choose the right insurance software for your agency

If you are an insurance company owner, you must be wondering how to choose your agency’s right insurance software. If you still don’t know, today, you will learn the main criteria to consider to hire the best option for your company in the context of the global health crisis.

Before making a choice, it is necessary to consider that each process has a correct way of being executed, and within companies, programs that adapt to the needs of each department are needed. Therefore, it is essential to have specialized software to cover the work, in this case, of insurance agents.

In this scenario, some of the functions that insurance salespeople require are storing customer information, scheduling meetings, making daily calls, scheduling reminders, and sending emails, among other parts.

The best sales programs for insurance agencies offer all these options in one user-friendly platform. Keeping some principles in mind will make a choice much more precise, and you will quickly know which one is right for you.

Learn how to choose insurance software for your agency

Finding the right insurance software for your company can be a complicated task, considering the diversity of offers and options on the market. In the process of choosing insurance software, the occupations and needs of the policy sellers must be considered.

This is because they are the ones who will be supported by the system and will facilitate their daily tasks. Also, you should ideally do detailed research in the sales department, public relations, technical support team, and even among the managers to determine what kind of tools will make their daily work more comfortable and what type of help they need to optimize their time.

The right choice will depend on several factors of usability, organization, and ease of use. From Sentry, we detail some steps to choose your company’s ideal insurance software and be satisfied with your choice from the beginning.

Define your goals and needs as an insurance agency

An essential step in choosing insurance software is to be clear about the objectives you have as a company and the reasons why you need a complete system to empty and organize internal and external relationships.

Determine which tools will help you meet the sales goals set out in your marketing plan, what you need to optimize your insurance agents’ working time, and what kind of services you offer so that you can promote them to the maximum with the help of insurance software.

With these points clear, you will have to look for, for example, a CRM that allows you to enter the database, make calls and analyze the interaction data with the agency’s clients.

The right CRM for insurance agencies

With your requirements defined, it is time to research the market to know your agency’s best alternatives. In the process of choosing insurance software, Internet search engines will be your best allies since they show the most searched results and the most prestigious agencies.

Among the variety of options, you will have the Sentry CRM, which is specially designed for the customer service of insurance agencies and at the same time promote the improvement of internal relations between all the workers of the insurance company.

The software allows storing the entire database of policyholders and agency information, improves response times and attention thanks to the innovative call platform and communication channels via email and messaging.

Simultaneously, it allows remote access, and managers will monitor all activity within the system. For these and many other reasons, Sentry’s CRM is the answer to choosing insurance software because it best suits insurers, guarantees regular system updates, and offers complete security.


Once you are clear on choosing an insurance software and have pre-selected the complete tools, you can guarantee their quality by requesting a system demo. Don’t risk making an impulsive investment; check for yourself the functions of each CRM and determine if you are looking at the right one for your agency.

At this point, it only remains for you to make the best decision after choosing insurance software. Remember to be very clear about your agency’s objectives and the criteria that will make the CRM work generate more profits, and increase work performance.

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