How to get more customers through referrals

How to get more customers through referrals

Insurance agencies now more than ever must take advantage of all available resources to increase their policy sales. Therefore, the question of how to get more clients through referrals should be on your mind frequently.

It has been proven that potential customers tend to seek the opinion of people knowledgeable about the product and service before making a purchase. Through these people’s experiences, they will decide if they will choose to give the insurance agency a chance.

In this case, referrals are people who come to inquire about your benefits and plans because satisfied customers, who are sure of the service’s quality, recommended you. This is a perfect advertising chain that, in most cases, is not fully exploited, and that can make a big difference between being the best in the market or just selling what is necessary to survive.

It should be noted that at Sentry, we know the importance of generating a good impression on policyholders. Why? Because when they feel confident, they spontaneously promote the agency’s services. Even when the insurance benefits and assistance exceed their expectations, they seek to include or convince their relatives, friends, or coworkers to contract it.

Tips to get more customers through referrals

In this context, insurance agents increase their chances of closing a sale when interested parties have previously received positive feedback about the service. A satisfied customer will always talk about the excellent treatment and benefits they receive and try to push others to follow their example.

To achieve these reactions of appreciation, goodwill, and trust in the policyholders, a series of basic strategies can be followed. When you are trying to get more clients through referrals, you have to consider some fundamental factors that will allow you to obtain multiple benefits in a short time.

Attention at all times

The key to get more clients through referrals and for your clients to stay with you and recommend you to their entire inner circle is to give them personalized and dedicated attention. The relationship care goes from emails on select dates of the year to periodic calls to update them on the latest news service.

Paying particular attention to communication with the insured is vital to engage them with the insurance agency emotionally. Giving a genuine sense of concern for each client’s needs makes them fall in love with your service and decide to share that peace of mind with others.

In many cases, a single insurance agent can’t inform each customer of the company’s news personally, so using modern customer management applications is the ideal way to achieve this goal.

Ask for referrals directly

If you want to get more clients through referrals, the answer is simple: ask for them directly from your clients.

Although it may sound aggressive, putting in your client’s mind the possibility of attracting other people to the insurance agency is a useful resource that few use for fear of being invasive. Ideally, once the agency and the insured’s relationship is consolidated, ask the client if he knows people who might need, like him, life, property, auto, or business insurance.

If the insured is completely satisfied and comfortable with the benefits, attention, and answers they receive from the agency; they will not hesitate to look for more people to join. In a short time, you will see how sales grow just by having the initiative to ask your policyholders for referrals.

Be the first to refer people

A simple idea but one that can work in your favor if you use it wisely. Among your clients, there are various professionals or entrepreneurs you can recommend to expand your clients’ network.

For example, one of your clients has a real estate agency, and another of your clients expressed his desire to get a new apartment. There you have the opportunity to recommend a specialist that, together, can obtain more effective results and provide the interested party with a complete service.

You just have to be careful with the kind of services you recommend and do it at the right time. Avoid situations where you could compromise and affect the insurance agency’s reputation and achievement in one way or another.

Sentry CRM

The fundamentals of how to get more customers through referrals are based on excellent customer care and quality service.

One way to keep your policyholders informed and satisfied is to have a customer relationship management (CRM) application. As the name implies, it handles all policyholder service processes in a single interface.

One of the best and most updated CRMs on the market is the one we offer at Sentry. The platform handles the practical management of insurance policies. Quotes, activity calendars, reminders, messages, and emails can be scheduled automatically.

At the same time, customers receive service updates, reminders, congratulations on particular dates, and emails that will make them feel cared for, essential to the company, and, as an important point, always up to date with the insurance agency’s news.

On their part, insurance agents save time by automating tasks; they always have order and control with each client. They can access the database anywhere with smart devices and call and contact policyholders at any time.

Take advantage of the tricks on how to get more clients through referrals and give them the necessary boost to your insurance agency. Always remember to offer quality services that will engage potential policyholders, and together with a good CRM, you will be number one in the policy market.

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