How to migrate CRM from one to another without losing information

How to migrate CRM from one to another without losing information

With the advance of technology and the appearance of new customer relationship management (CRM) applications, you may find it necessary to hire a new one to improve the service to your policyholders. However, the concern about how to migrate CRM to another one without losing information is tormenting you.

CRMs are continually being upgraded to provide better benefits, functions, and features to users. Insurance agencies have many customers in many cases, so the small business-oriented interface is no longer functional.

Thus, it is necessary to use a customer service manager that adapts to the new requirements and demands of the users, and changing CRM is presented as one of the best alternatives to optimize the work. However, the task of migrating from one to the other is complex and can easily intimidate any insurance salesperson.

It should be noted that within insurance agencies, customer data and other policy records are valuable and, in many cases, irreplaceable. Therefore, knowing the proper process to put all the information base in the new CRM you decided to install in your system is vital.

An error can cause a temporary collapse in your operations and disproportionately increase the task of collecting customer data again and the work of recovering everything related to their policies, payments, and benefits. With this in mind, Sentry explains the steps you should follow to change your CRM without worrying.

How to migrate CRM: Steps and tricks

It’s a fact: you are searching for how to migrate CRM to another one in an effective way. The steps you must follow to achieve this vital goal are exact, and you just have to follow them carefully so that the database transfer goes without a problem.

Automatic process

When analyzing how to migrate CRM, the easiest step is to do it automatically with the above interface’s help. The ideal is to do a thorough cleaning of unnecessary data that is no longer relevant to the customer management process to make the transfer lighter and faster.

To do so requires migration security to ensure data audits, cleanup, and duplication checks. Also, a documented API is needed. An IT professional is the right person to advise on these data migration points.

Check CRM compatibility

Once you have chosen the new customer service management system you want to use, you should compare its features with your previous CRM. The reason? You have to be very careful that they are not incompatible because, in this case, formatting the system can work against you.

To avoid this unfortunate situation, the ideal is to look for a company that offers a CRM with a comprehensive migration system that doesn’t conflict with older or less capable applications.

Do not uninstall the previous CRM

In the process of migrating CRM to another, a valuable trick to take care of your company’s database is not uninstalling the previous CRM from your system and using it as a sort of “backup” of your insurance agency.

Keep in mind that if you are a growing insurance agency having two CRMs simultaneously, it can be an expense and an operational conflict between insurance agents who may prefer one or the other. However, the move is possible if your teams can support two CRMs, and the cost of both is not a blow to the company’s finances.

Take advantage of the benefits of the cloud

Another valid option is to back up CRM information in the cloud. Those who don’t wonder how to migrate CRM to another, because they consider it too risky for the insurance agency’s processes, keeping the database in the cloud is ideal.

Supporting customer service and digital marketing processes in an innovative CRM is what all insurance agents should be doing to automate tasks and boost their sales in the short, medium, and long term. Relying solely on cloud storage may not be a viable long-term solution.

One of the best CRMs on the market

Considering all the steps on how to migrate CRM to another, your goal should be to get a partnership with a company that offers cutting edge features. Currently, Sentry CRM is one of the best options on the market as it provides features that optimize the work of insurance agents and meets the demands of policyholders.

It is a system designed especially for insurance agencies that improve notification delivery times and store all customer information within a simple and one hundred percent reliable platform.

Sentry promises complete-time optimization by having the feature of direct access from any electronic device associated with the application. Its installation and maintenance prices are competitive in the market, and it is one of the first choices for insurance agents.

Keep in mind that even if you already know how to migrate CRM to a new one, there is always a chance that something goes wrong and the database gets damaged. In this case, you should try to have an alternative backup of the essential information that you cannot afford to lose.

Always seek help, advice, or hire a professional in information systems to ensure that the transition is done correctly and, as a critical point, always choose the leading CRM in the market.

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