Prospecting Methods for Selling Insurance

Prospecting Methods for Selling Insurance

The process of selling insurance requires preparation and work on each client to achieve the closing. Insurance agents concentrate on this and leave aside the possibilities within their reach when using prospecting methods.

When we talk about prospecting methods, we refer to studying the possible ways of doing insurance business, taking into account data proven by the company. This means that there are ways to obtain potential policyholders by using different alternative strategies to follow each case’s conventional follow-up.

Using this parallel form of business, an innumerable number of possibilities to reach clients and improve relationships are within reach. In most cases, these aspects are not explored to their full potential, and a significant percentage of the profits that the agency could be earning are left out.

We detail some of the best-prospecting methods for selling insurance that you have at your fingertips from Sentry. Take advantage of each of them, and you will see how the number of clients will gradually increase.

The best-prospecting methods for selling insurance

Average insurance salespeople often limit themselves to sell insurance using only one or two methods to attract customers, while agents who excel and succeed take advantage of other strategies and exploit them after checking the company’s target market’s data and preferences.

From the beginning, agents need to know each customer’s information, convince them, and not dig into invitation calls. Having this data requires the trust of the customers for them to agree to collaborate.

Today we show you some of the prospecting methods that, when executed, with constancy and discipline, allow you to access the possibility of new sales and eventually generate results without the need to make significant efforts.

Cold search

It is a well-known strategy that consists of calling customers who are not on the official contact list to explore their preferences and achieve direct sales. The process requires dedication and persistence since there is no guarantee that interviews will be finalized; however, it is an insurance way to know the target market’s needs and inclinations.


When discussing prospecting methods, the first thing to consider is how to get more clients through referrals. These are people who come directly to the insurance agent after receiving a recommendation from a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker.

To get these clients to come to you, you need to spend time ensuring that you take care of your current clients and ask them to recommend you to their loved ones if they are satisfied with your service. Although many are afraid to take this step with policyholders, it is a strategy that attracts policyholders long-term.

Social networks

Taking advantage of virtual windows and social platforms is essential when prospecting. It should be a daily task for insurance agents to analyze behavior and searches on insurance contracting to know the market’s inclinations and meet their needs.

It is increasingly common to attract policyholders through these media, and answering questions and offering solutions through spaces such as LinkedIn is a plus for your volume of insurance closings.

Manage your customers efficiently

By having the best prospecting methods in your hands, clients’ arrival will improve, and the next step will be to give them the attention they deserve. The best way to do this is with customer care software (known as CRM).

At Sentry, we offer a CRM specialized in insurance agency customer management. We have an administration system developed that allows insurance agents to manage policy agent data, policy agent information and provide a timely response to customer questions and inquiries.

The CRM stands out for having a section to organize all the data, schedule meetings, make calls, remote access from smart devices, and manage messaging platforms to stay in touch. At the same time, it allows you to send emails and make reminders on important dates.

It will also help you study prospecting methods because it provides an analysis of the activities carried out. With all these advantages at your fingertips, you will be able to optimize insurance agents’ work and improve response times and customer service.

With these tools to take advantage of prospecting methods, it is time for you to take the plunge. Change the way you sell insurance, and soon, you will be at the top of the market in your area.

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