Social Responsibility

At Sentry, we feel highly committed to our society and social responsibility.

That is why we continuously support foundations and social causes to generate sustainable development.
We are convinced that with the collective support of all organizations that need it, we will generate a positive impact on people, which will lead us to live in a more conscious and humane society.

Jean Maggi Foundation

It is a non-profit organization created to contribute and help children with disabilities through sports. We believe that keeping moving works as an excellent tool for inclusion, where the person can develop athletically, personally, and socially. Both achievements and sacrifices are quickly transferable to daily life, thus contributing to the well-being of people with disabilities. In this first stage, the conferences' income will be used for solidarity actions and sports equipment for people with disabilities. The conferences focus on motivation, perseverance, pursuing goals, breaking barriers, and overcoming obstacles. Above all, special emphasis is placed on the relationship between disability and sport and how to transcend through the activity/sport of one's choice.


Join the foundation! Your help is always appreciated.

The Jean Maggi Fundation Inc.

Account no: 8981126422982

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