Learn about the experience of Insurance Agents who have trusted in Sentry's CRM.

Intuitive system

Sentry allows your insurance agency’s organization thanks to a simple and easy to use system for your entire work team.

Improve communication

We offer a wide range of options to insurance agencies to make their management more efficient, including the continuous improvement of communication with internal and external customers.

Save time

The facilities that Sentry offers to insurance agencies for improving their management are one of its most significant advantages. Insurance agents can log in from any device and perform their work in an organized manner. 

Effective management

Monitor your company’s agents’ performance daily and keep a close eye on your customers’ satisfaction, thanks to Sentry.

Now every digital payment you receive is all yours without having to worry about processing fees.

ZERO processing fees

Start accepting credit cards, debit cards, and ACH – Process payments without leaving Sentry – Receive 100% of earnings – Process credit card transactions from anywhere in the country.


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