Tools that will boost your skills as an insurance agent

Tools that will boost your skills as an insurance agent

Getting the most out of your time depends a lot on how you optimize it. Undoubtedly, this is an essential factor in achieving success as an insurance agent through sales strategies. This can be achieved through the application of digital tools that are just a few clicks away. We know this, which is why we have Sentry insurance software, which facilitates this entire process.

In this article, we talk to the insurance agent who is starting his career plan or who wants to boost his own business because we will show you the tools you can get on the Internet and how to use them optimally to enhance the skills you have as an insurance agent.

E-mail Marketing, the best way to sell

Let’s start with e-mail marketing. You should know that the number of e-mail accounts worldwide increases every day, so having a strategy that targets e-mails is not crazy. It is a sales technique that is effective and profitable. The idea is to ask potential customers for their e-mail addresses so that you can keep them informed of the services and plans available so that you won’t lose contact.

E-mail marketing has different functions; among them is the way to connect with the user without intermediaries, the feedback of services and products, and the promotion that can be done to services, brands, or products. This alternative is considered one of the best tools to apply when looking to increase sales and boost purchasing opportunities.

There are many options of tools in the digital market, some are paid, and others are free. These provide essential advantages about using the corporate e-mail you have to send information that is already segmented according to the type of customer you have. The platform we recommend is Mailchimp because it is very intuitive, therefore, easy to use.

Now that you have defined your e-mail marketing strategy, the next thing to do is apply a second tool to the way you work; this is automation. All to optimize time.

Maximize your time with automation

As an insurance agent, you must take advantage of every second of your time. That’s why automation will make you take advantage of time, and it will also allow you to save efforts to redirect them to the area that requires more attention. Usually, entrepreneurs or novice insurance agents are too afraid to give responsibility to technology; however, this happens due to a lack of knowledge.

Precisely because of the latter, we will give you the recommendations you need to be more confident and dare to add automation as part of your job as an insurance agent:

Helps you improve

When we talk about automation, keep in mind that it should never be imposed; what we are looking for is that it can be generated from a culture of improvement and professional optimization.

Have manuals

You can create a work manual in which you can clearly explain each of the processes so that you will not have to explain to your future customers or employees those doubts that are recurrent.

Mistakes can happen

At this point, we are talking about the fact that you will apply techniques that don’t work throughout your professional life, and that’s okay. Accept that it was the only way to know; if you didn’t do it, you would never have found out that it didn’t work. Failures are also part of success.

Be aware of your competition

It’s essential to know your competition and what they do. They may have automation tools that you may not be aware of yet.

Don’t be afraid to be the first

You can set an example for your colleagues in the way you work, so don’t be afraid to be the first to apply a tool. If it works for you, we are sure that they will also join this new scheme.

Manage your work team with Trello

When you have a work team, you can divide tasks so that you can multiply the results. A specifically designed tool is Trello, a favorite of many because its platform allows collaboration in a simple, fun, and productive way.

This tool can be useful for whatever you have in mind. Ideally, it should be used for work, but it could also be used for family trips, at home, or any other project that involves various people. The project manager will be in charge of gathering all the team of people required. It is a collaborative system, has a dynamic, simple, and attractive design, and is available in different languages.

The tool has a dashboard where you can add the list of tasks to be performed, the documents required, links, images, and it allows you to set a delivery time and the responsibility that each team member will have. If you are an insurance agent with a team, this tool will help you a lot. You will be able to organize the whole team on the same platform.

Make sure your social networks are optimized

Social networks currently function as an excellent window for the promotion of your services or skills. There are presently different tools to achieve better results, all through the creation of content. You can even organize publications, make eye-catching and creative designs.

Most of the tools designed for digital content management are found in an application for cell phones; however, there are also available options for computers, such as Desygner and Canva. The latter is our favorite because it is straightforward to use, has an intuitive design that makes the task extremely easy for people who do not know about design.

If you are looking for an eye-catching design in your social networks to expose your services as an insurance agent, you can also count on applications such as Dazzle, Over, PicsArt, Instories, Mojo, Adobe Creative Cloud Express, these have templates available to generate attractive designs.

Other applications provide users with the ability to plan and organize their social network publications. When talking about this option, we have to mention Noted, Later, Taskade, Unum among the recommended ones.

If you are looking to create videos where you talk about your services as an insurance agent, we must say that you don’t need a great production; applications such as Inshot and Viva Video facilitate the process. With these, you can edit and shape the multimedia content you have in mind. In any case, it is best to seek support from professionals in the area of content creation and look for a digital marketing agency (legencys link) trained to ensure optimal results.

How can an insurance agent take advantage of technology?

Taking advantage of the technological tools we have mentioned will not only help you quickly do your job, but it will also help you do it in an entertaining, efficient, and very productive way.

We invite you to get to know Sentry insurance software. Our team has created a platform that is easy to use for our agents and clients, thus optimizing everyone’s time. If you have a question or are interested in a specific topic, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.

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